Feeling disconnected from your teens? Having to repeat your instructions always? Looking for ways to get your teenagers to listen to you? Can not get your teenager to drop his phone? Wondering why your teenager behaves the way he does? These and more were the complaints of some parents that participated in my Instagram Live training.

Raising your adolescent should not be this stressful, During the teenage years, your parenting strategy should not be that of control but more of support and connection-based, This is the time you have to start influencing, guiding and motivating your teen.

Parenting Support System is launching her new course  Understanding the Psychology of your adolescent on May 30th 2020.


The learning objective of this course includes

  • Learning about the physical, emotional, changes in your adolescent.
  • Understanding the behavioural changes in adolescents.
  • Understanding more about their social and moral development
  • Learning about the challenges and crisis faced by teenagers
  • Managing your emotions so you do not lose your cool
  • Understanding how to offer support and guidance to your teenager.
  • Understanding the underlying issues involved in adolescence development
  • Develop more capacity to positively influence your child.

This course will set the tone for a new relationship between you and your teenager.

This course is opened to just 20 participants, we already have 10 participants from the Instagram live training and we now have just 3 slots remaining. The early bird payment ends on Friday 22nd May 2020.

Registration closes on Thursday, May 28th 2020.

Send a message to 08098477756 when you have completed your  registration using this 


Offline Payment can be made to Access Diamond Bank


Parenting Support System

Expecting to see you in class!!!

We have an offer for those that will register within the next 24hours.

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